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Miss Tiger already? Watch this curious cat interrupt play at the Qatar Masters

March 5, 2019

Golf fans received some bad news yesterday, when Tiger Woods withdrew from this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational with a neck injury. If you’re one of the many golf fans bored waiting for Tiger’s return, we have a video that can distract you in the meantime.

The European Tour is in Qatar this week for the Qatar Masters, and on Tuesday, the Tour posted a must-see video from a previous playing of the event, featuring three big-name pros trying to make birdies, and one curious cat that couldn’t care less.

In the video, Jason Dufner, Henrik Stenson and another unidentified pro are approaching the green to mark their balls when a cat appears out of nowhere and bee-lines for the putting surface.

The three pros can only watch as the curious cat, which appears to be a local stray, saunters across the green, oblivious to the tournament going on around it.

The cat takes its time slowly stepping through the short grass, briefly looking back at Dufner and Stenson as it passed the hole before continuing on its merry way. Check it out below.

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