‘Convincing style, excellent statistics’: Brandel Chamblee was a good talker in high school, too

March 16, 2018

Golf Channel talking head Brandel Chamblee has been called a lot of things: shrewd, insightful, brash, blunt, annoying, misguided.

Turns out he exhibited some of those characteristics in high school, too.

According to an old report card Chamblee posted to Twitter — apparently for a speech he gave entitled “For the People or in Spite” — the Texas teen could hold an audience as skillfully as he did a 5-iron.

“Very good style, eye contact, ” the judge wrote. “Convincing style, kept my attention. … Relaxed, natural delivery.”

Seems Chamblee also had an affinity for research during his days at MacArthur High School in Irving, Tex., which has become one of his hallmarks as a Golf Channel analyst.

“Excellent statistics, relevant points made,” the judge said.

Read the full report for yourself. It’s evidence that Chamblee was destined for the career he ultimately landed in.