Game Fuel: Bryson DeChambeau reveals his favorite post-round guilty pleasure

January 27, 2019

After setting a tournament record during Sunday’s seven-shot drubbing at the Dubai Desert Classic in the United Arab Emirates, Bryson DeChambeau was clear how he would celebrate. “I’ll have a nice, big glass of chocolate milk,” he said after the win. The comment drew laughs, but some good ol’ sugar and dairy is how the world No. 5 unwinds on the reg. In the first edition of Game Fuel, DeChambeau told GOLF Magazine about his in-round nutrition and post-round guilty pleasures.


“My game fuel is consistent: It’s a lot of GoMacro, Vega and Orgain protein bars. I use those to keep me fueled and refreshed during the round. I also have a lot of hydrators that I use and different ones I’m still trying out.

“Then there’s candy. Not during the round—that’s for after. And, oh my gosh: chocolate milk is my favorite thing in the world. I try to go the healthier route with Fairlife (ultra-filtered) chocolate milk, but yeah, sugar is definitely an issue of mine that I may—or may not!—work on.”

Bryson DeChambeau stands in a fairway.
Bryson DeChambeau has made Orgain protein a big part of his effort to bulk up.