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Brooks Koepka fed up with golf’s long rounds: ‘It gets boring from like hole 5 to 12’

May 16, 2019

Brooks Koepka has made it known he’s not a “golf nerd,” and thinks the sport can be boring. He doubled down on that take in a recent podcast with Barstool Sports.

“You’re out there for 5 1/2 hours. I mean, how bad is that? No one wants to spend 5 1/2 hours out there,” he said on the Pardon My Take podcast Tuesday.

Asked if he had a solution to speed up play, Koepka said rounds should be shorter.

“Literally, I would just make it like 15 holes, 14 holes. Because then you get to go to the 19th hole a little bit quicker,” he said. “It gets boring from like hole 5 to 12. You are just like, Where am I right now? I literally can’t tell you what happened during those holes. You kind of like black out. Everything is repetitive.

“Anything in between [the start and finish], it’s just whatever.”

Koepka has expressed this bored-with-golf philosophy before. The first time he did it publicly was in a Golf Digest interview in 2015.

The three-time major winner is the defending champion at this week’s PGA Championship. You can follow his opening round here. The entire Pardon My Take podcast with Koepka is below.