Brittany Lincicome: 5 Things in My Fridge

June 24, 2015

You can learn a lot about golfers by looking in their bags. You can learn lots more by examining the contents of their refrigerators. Twinkies or tofu? Red Bull or red potatoes? Vodka or vodka sauce? The icebox reveals all. Fresh off her second-career major win, Brittany Lincicome, 29, swung open her fridge in her home kitchen in Seminole, Fla. Here’s what was inside.

1. “I always try to have some type of fruit in my fridge, usually either strawberries or grapes. I tend to flock to popcorn which is not always good, so I try to reach for something healthy if I get hungry at a late hour or during the day.”

2. “For breakfast, I’ll make either an omelet or some eggs with bacon. But recently I’ve been on a breakfast sandwich kick. I’ll get a bagel and put a little butter on it with some bacon. It’s delicious!”

3. “I always keep cheese in my fridge. I use the mixed-Mexican blend, the one where they shred it for you, because it makes things a lot easier. I like to make grilled cheese, and for that I’ll use Velveeta American cheese and wheat bread.”

4. “I tend to drink milk with dinner. I drink so much water on the course—about one bottle of water every two holes, and sometimes up 10 to bottles a day. It’s nice to change it up a bit and have something that has a little bit of flavor.”

5. “My parents own a daycare, so we’ve always had popsicles in our fridge. To me, they seem innocent and light. Unfortunately, I eat like three at a time, which probably isn’t good. I live in Florida and it’s about 100 degrees outside, so popsicles are a good way to keep cool.”

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