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‘Putrid and pathetic’: British pro blasts Tiger-Phil match

November 22, 2018

Bleacher Report has been all in on promoting the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson showdown (and who can blame them), but not everyone was thrilled with the over-the-top photo of Mickelson and Woods standing over huge stacks of (fake) cash.

Nick Faldo, referencing his career in the booth, was surprised at how often the total purse was being mentioned.

That well-circulated photo also led to British pro Eddie Pepperell voicing his displeasure with the entire event.

Pepperell, the 38th-ranked player in the world, quote tweeted the photo of Mickelson and Woods and said, “This is indeed everything golf shouldn’t be doing right now. One man earning $9 million isn’t attractive. This putrid attempt at attention will turn out to be futile for everyone. Pathetic.”

Pepperell, along with former pro and current analyst Steve Flesch, also have ideas of where that money could go.

The $9 million is being put up by sponsors, but the side bets Mickelson and Woods plan to wager throughout the round — one for $200k has already been placed on the first hole — will come from their own pocket. Mickelson and Woods have previously stated some money will be donated toward charities, although it’s unclear how much.

Either way, it’s safe to say Pepperell won’t be tuning in.