Brian Urlacher reveals which PGA Tour stars he’d use to build his ultimate NFL roster

March 24, 2020

Gone are the days of Brian Urlacher dominating from sideline-to-sideline. Rather, in retirement, Urlacher is more focused on dominating tee to green (or trying to). But with Urlacher in studio for the newest edition of GOLF’s Subpar, Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz couldn’t help but ask him to combine his two passions.

They wanted to know, who would the five-time All-Pro and 2005 Defensive Player of the Year choose from the PGA Tour to build an NFL team? Here are his picks.

Quarterback: Gary Woodland (6-1, 195 lbs)

Urlacher opted for the former collegiate basketball player to lead his offense. Woodland might not be prototype QB size, but he’s widely known as one of the best athletes on Tour.

“I’d put Gary at quarterback,” he said. “I feel like he can throw it, he’s tall.”

Running Back: Harold Varner III (5-8, 170 lbs)

“Love that dude,” Urlacher said. “He’s got those quads. He’s going to run through somebody and he’s going to tell them about it.”

Wide Receiver: Dustin Johnson (6-4, 190 lbs)

Urlacher clearly values length at the receiver position, debating on Tony Finau — another 6-4 option — before settling on DJ.  Athleticism proved to be the deciding factor here.

“DJ’s a little faster than Tony and I feel like he’s a little bit more athletic,” Urlacher said.

Tight End: Tony Finau (6-4, 200)

What should you do with a wide receiver who’s lacking speed? In today’s NFL, the answer is to make him a tight end. That’s exactly what Urlacher did.

Defensive Line: Andrew “Beef” Johnston (5-9, 212)

Winning in the trenches in football is all about leverage, and Beef has LOTS of leverage. Plus, that beard would look positively magnificent protruding from the chinstrap of a helmet.

Linebacker: Shane Lowry (6-1, 216)

It’s rare for a linebacker to weigh more than the defensive lineman in front of him, but Lowry’s range made him a unique fit.

Defensive Back: Rickie Fowler (5-9, 150 lbs)

Rickie Fowler is golf’s “Primetime.” He’s short, shifty, fast, athletic, and has a flair for personality — in other words, the perfect choice to backstop Urlacher’s PGA Tour football team.

You can watch the full show with Urlacher below.

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