Bolt impales golfer’s leg in freak practice-range accident

September 2, 2018
The bolt shot off a boundary rope and impaled the golfer's leg.

Turns out stray balls aren’t the only hazard on practice ranges.

A Colorado golfer learned that the hard way last week when warming up for an event at Greeley Country Club just north of Denver.

The golfer, Matt Gutierrez, was taking practice swings with his wedge when the clubhead caught a rope line that was pinned to the ground with bolts, according to a report by KVDR, a Fox affiliate in Colorado. The force of his swing ripped one of the bolts out of the ground and sent it spiraling into Gutierrez’s leg, piercing his bone.

The bolt shot of a boundary rope and into the golfer's leg.
A reporter holds the bolt that did the damage.

Gutierrez was rushed to a hospital where doctors unscrewed the hardware.

Credit Gutierrez for keeping a sense of humor about the incident.

Speaking to another local station, WCMH, Gutierrez said, “My buddies are making fun of me and saying I should make a chain of it and just wear it every time I go to the golf course.”