Fans outraged after golfer punished with ridiculous three-year ban

October 1, 2019
Bio Kim pictured during the 2013 Colombia Championship.

Korean PGA Tour player Bio Kim made a mistake. One mistake, spanning about one second, and now he can’t play on his home tour for three years.

After a poor shot during a recent tournament, Kim spun around and flipped off a fan who, apparently, distracted Kim by using a cell phone during his golf swing. Kim was hugely remorseful afterwards, even getting down on his knees and apologizing for his actions.

But that didn’t do much to quell the draconian punishment handed to the tour’s leading money-winner. The Korean PGA Tour banned Bio Kim for an astonishing three years — an overly-harsh punishment that golf fans on Twitter were outraged over. A hashtag in his support “#freeBio” even popped up following the news.