Billy Horschel’s four steps to maximize your swing speed

September 12, 2017

The former FedEx Cup champ is back in the winner’s circle—and driving it farther than ever. Horschel’s move for more maximum swing speed? A right-side tilt through impact that’s also a bona fide fairway-splitter.


Every part of Horschel’s right side—shoulder, torso, hip and knee—is lower than its left-side counterpart. This is a must for delivering the club on a power-rich path. The trick? Maintain your spine angle as you rotate through impact.


Billy’s arms, hands and club are in front of his chest, which lags behind his lower body. He starts his downswing by unwinding his hips without “flinging” his arms from the top. Delaying your upper-body movement this way creates whiplike speed. And keeping the club in front of your chest helps you catch the ball on the sweet spot.


Horschel’s arms extend down the target line—it’s the only time in the swing when both arms are straight. Keeping your right elbow bent as you near impact saves that final “punch” for the strike, providing max energy transfer—and drives that explode off the clubface.


Billy’s left leg is straight. Copy this! “Posting up” on your left side helps your right hip and thigh fire through impact, sending your swing speed off the charts.