Australian golfer loses membership for being ‘rude and unpleasant’ but wins it back in Supreme Court case

April 14, 2018

Can you be kicked out of a golf club for being…unpleasant? Not so fast, says one Australian court.

An Australian woman who had her golf club membership suspended after 50 years for being ‘rude and unpleasant’ is getting a second chance.

Bernice Peterson was a member at Proserpine Golf Club in Queensland, Aus. from 1965 until September 2015, when her membership was suspended in the wake of allegations that she “acted aggressively and swore at other players at a pennants event.” But Petersen told the court those reports “are based on personal opinions, bordering on gossip and not facts.”

The Townsville Supreme Court took Peterson’s side in a ruling that came down earlier this week, according to the Townsville Bulletin. Because the court determined that Peterson was not given a “full and fair opportunity” to be heard at a meeting about the complaints. The meeting was reportedly held with Peterson out of town.

Petersen confessed to ‘acting emotionally on occasions’ but didn’t think she’d been given the opportunity to present her case. Awkward or not, she’ll be returning to the club this year.