Here’s Arnold Palmer like you’ve never seen him before — made entirely of golf tees

September 26, 2019

Surely, you’ve never seen Arnold Palmer like this.

The King himself has been pictured in every way, but how about made entirely of golf tees? Artist Blake Byers, who currently specializes in “deconstructive portrait making,” has put together an impressive rendering of Palmer, made exclusively of painted tees.

The portrait is gigantic — it stands at least six feet tall — and was created for a local mini golf pub in Sacramento called Flatstick. And it’s not just tees punched into a background on their own. The tees are on different levels to create texture and depth within Palmer’s face. Only once you get up close can you actually see the extent of how those depths are manufactured.

All in, the piece required more than 30,000 golf tees, provided by Par Golf. You can check it out up close below.

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Working on a new piece for @flatstickdoco of @arnoldpalmerofficial made of golf tees. Check it.

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Palmer isn’t the only celebrity that Byers has devoted hours of artwork too. This summer he created stunning Heath Ledger and Elvis Presley portraits from cardboard. The detail there is in the folds.

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