This amazing stinger-gone-wrong video is hard to watch just once

November 11, 2019
A stinger can be a beautiful thing... if done correctly.

Few things in the golf world are more beautiful than the perfect stinger. That bullet-like, low-trajectory takeoff is like a symphony for golf nuts.

It’s a shot Tiger Woods made famous and one some of the best players can put to use at any given moment. Some of Woods’ stinger clips are the stuff of legend, and it’s a shot you’ll see the amateur videographer try to pull off often, too. But this latest stinger clip is one of the most mesmerizing we’ve seen in quite some time. It was tweeted by Peter Finch, a golf instructor based in the UK who has a popular YouTube channel. He tweeted it with the caption: “Possibly the best #golf video I’ve seen,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

The emoji part was used because, well, you’ll see. This was a stinger gone wrong, but it’s fascinating to watch. The golfer tries to line the ball though a tunnel of pillars, but he pulls it and a couple of ricochets leads to the camera/phone taking a hit (hopefully the man behind the lease is OK).

You can check out the video below.