Here are 7 at-home drills from Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington

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Padraig Harrington has been busy lately. With the implementation of social distancing around the world, the European Ryder Cup captain has stayed home and taken to posting drills every day to help his followers with their games.

From chipping drills to drills that help get you into proper impact position, Harrington has plenty of knowledge to share to help you improve your game. Here’s the full library of Padraig Harrington instructionals:

Chipping drill

Harrington recommends putting an alignment stick several inches behind the ball to promote ball-first contact. If you hit the alignment stick, you’ll know you’re dipping your back shoulder as you come into the ball.

Bunker drill

This is a similar drill to the chipping drill. Just place an alignment stick several inches behind the ball and try to make contact with the sand between the stick and the ball. He also offers up some alternate bunker advice that is contrary to conventional wisdom.

Impact position drill

This is an indoor drill that helps promote proper impact position. All you need is a tennis ball and a wall. Take a swing and throw the ball at the ground in front of you at impact to see where you swing path is headed. Just try not to wake the neighbors!

Clean contact drill

Harrington recommends hitting a few balls off a hard surface when warming up to “dial in your strike.” If you are making ball-first contact, you’ll know it when hitting off your deck or other hard surfaces.

Tips for beginners

Get a grip on the first three letters of school with this drill. Harrington gives tips for beginning golfers and ties it together with this fun phrase.

Use your arms to drive your body

Conventional wisdom says to use your body to drive the power in your golf swing, but Harrington argues otherwise. Use your arms and hands to get the most out of your swing if you’re an amateur golfer.

How to stop hitting a slice or cut

If you’re plagued with a monster slice, just try exaggerating the opposite action. Take some practice swings that are so drastic that you’re hitting your right thigh on the downswing. When you come back to your normal swing, you’re sure to have less of a slice.

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