Tiger Woods’ son Charlie’s golf swing is just as perfect as you’d imagine

January 12, 2020

Late Saturday night, some video surfaced of Tiger Woods looking on as his son Charlie showed off his near-perfect golf swing. Some other time, we can parse out what it means that we’re so intrigued by the swing of a 10-year-old. But for now, we’re curious and we know that you’re curious.

Look, it’s hardly a shock that Tiger Woods’ son would have a pure golf swing. But there’s still something different about seeing it. That casual rhythm. That pop at impact. That speed through the ball! My goodness. Bonus shots of Caddie Daddy Tiger included below.

The action reportedly took place at a junior tournament in Jupiter at Club Med Academies. Woods was on the bag Charlie, who reportedly posted a round of 5-over 41, good for T-9 out of 16 at the event (the winner shot 37). I’m not too worried about results at this point; I’m just jealous of that swing action.

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