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13 ways to commemorate an unforgettable round from your bucket list

January 9, 2019

Every golfer has a bucket list. Sometimes it’s the course that makes it special. Other times it’s the score, the company or just the setting as a whole. Those are the rounds to celebrate. But, how? Glad you asked. Here are 13 ways to commemorate an unforgettable round.

1. Frame your scorecard: This is a simple move after special round, and it’s especially recommended if you have a strong day on the course. Framing your card will remind you of those birdies, bogeys, and everything in between.

Make sure to frame your scorecard, especially if it’s a good round.

2. Save the pencil: Like your scorecard, the pencil is a symbol of how you played that day. You’ll especially want to keep the pencil if it was used to mark down a lot of birdies and maybe an eagle or ace on your scorecard. Even if it was a bogey-filled round, the pencil is worth keeping if it has the course’s name on it. You can also frame it with your scorecard.

3. Keep the yardage book: Another nice totem from your bucket list round, it’s fun to look back at holes and remember the distances and layouts. Frame it with your scorecard and pencil, or leave it out to show off to your golf pals.

Yardage book
A yardage book is a great way to remember how you read the course during your round

4. Collect tees, ball markers, and balls: These are no-brainers. Save them all after a great round, but even if it’s a bad round, they’re worth keeping if they show the course logo. You can either include them in the frame with the other items above or mix them into your own collection.

5. Buy gear and apparel from the pro shop: This should be your first stop after the 18th hole. Head on over to the pro shop and get that credit card ready to purchase both the good and the bad. From polo shirts, vests, and hats to gloves, headcovers, and shoes, you’ll want to load up on anything and everything noteworthy that you can proudly rock and brag about.

6. Purchase a mantle or office piece: Along with stocking up on gear and apparel, you also might want to buy something nice that you can put in your living room or office. A nice collection item is a great way to start a conversation with others — or to just show off.

7. Indulge in the signature meal and drinks at the 19th hole: After your stop at the pro shop, head straight for the 19th hole and celebrate with your friends. But don’t just have any meal or drink — ask for the grill-room’s finest to cap the day in style. 

8. Snap a picture with your group at the signature hole: We all know the rules; picture or it didn’t happen. Make sure to get your buddies together for a framable photo before or after the round. Even if you miss a pic on the signature hole, you should still post it on your social media account.

9. Make friends with the staff: While playing your bucket-list round, you’ll likely meet some of the folks who work at the course. Get to know these people, what their role is at the club and their stories. Whether it’s a caddie, a bartender or a groundskeeper, let these people know how thankful you are for the chance to play.

10. Take home a divot: Most golfers are sure to hack a chunk of grass out of the ground at some point. Most courses expect golfers to replace the divot, but others are fine filling it with sand and grass seed. But maybe for your signature round, consider bringing a sandwich bag to save one divot. Bonus points if you plant it in your own backyard.

11. Pocket some bunker sand: Another smart use of a sandwich bag. Just don’t forget to rake the bunker.

12. Buy a flag from the course: This is a collectible that can be part of your splurge at the pro shop. A flag with the course logo is a perfect item to hang on your office wall at work or home. Or, fly it with pride!

Augusta Masters flag
There might not be a more iconic flag to own than one from the Masters at Augusta National.

13. Remodel your living room after the clubhouse: This one is next level. Imagine walking into your home every day and your living room is remodeled after the clubhouse from your signature round? It would be a dream come true for many golfers. However, there’s a chance your significant other might take issue. If so, consider making your basement or home office your living replica.