13 rewarding golfy activities to do when you are stuck at home

March 31, 2020

It’s easy to get stir-crazy at home, but with these 13 golfy activities — everything from re-gripping your clubs, to honing your putting, to organizing your bag — we have you covered.

Clean your golf clubs

I’m admittedly bad at this, but it doesn’t take much time and you certainly feel better about yourself afterward. All you need is water, a little soap, a tool to clean the grooves and voila, you are on your way. (My boss’ method works well, too.)

Buy (and read!) a new golf book

There are plenty of good ones out there. We just created this handy list last week, and I made this mega-list based on your favorite golf books a couple of months ago. Read up and enjoy.

Find an indoor/backyard drill to keep your game sharp

There’s a ton of these circulating on your favorite golf site. Since my favorite golf site is this site, here’s a few we have done: Work on your backswing path | Improve your chipping | Practice the correct grip | Boost your swing speed

Find an indoor/backyard game to play

Let’s face it, some lessons and drills are just more fun than others. Build a little backyard course and challenge your roommates or family members to an indoor putting game. Find a way to award points and you’ll be entertained for hours. Create your own leaderboard and you’ll have a reason to keep coming back the next day. Better yet, all of it will inevitably make your game better.

Bored kids? Time to find a fun game to get them involved

You’d be surprised how many kids toys make for great props when creating an indoor mini-golf course. My personal favorite are those play tunnels. This is a win-win to change up a routine for the kids while also getting them to enjoy golf. And it will pay off down the road when they’ll want to spend weekends with you at the course. (Need indoor golf balls? Here you go.)

Go through your old golf stuff

Your old watch, a few bucks in quarters, that scorecard that proves you finally beat the old man — there are all sorts of goodies that get swallowed by old golf bags. Perfect time to go through yours and see what’s still worth keeping. Speaking of your golf bag …

Organize your golf bag

Clean it out! Make sure your tees and balls and sunscreen, etc., are in the correct pockets, and take out all of the trash, candy wrappers and emptied out sleeves of golf balls. Stock up with essentials, make sure those clubs are back in the correct spot for safe keeping and get your whole set ready to rock for the next time you play.

Make your own alignment sticks

You may have finalized your club setup thanks to that new wedge and tweaked driver, but now it’s about making sure your game stays strong. That’s where a handy pair of alignment sticks comes in. I got my first set a couple of months ago and using them for simple drills has really paid off. I didn’t make my own, but you certainly can to add your own personal touch. Here’s how you can do that.

Make your own unique bottle-cap ball marker

This is a handy cheat sheet to make a bottle-cap marker out of your drink of choice, but there are lots of ways to customize ball markers. Brainstorm and make some eye-catching ones to impress your friends with.

Stamp, paint and customize your wedges

This is actually really cool, and very easy to do yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Re-grip your clubs

Here’s how to do that at home.

Relax and watch a great golf movie

A bunch are streaming right now if you don’t already have them in your library. Tin Cup is my personal favorite, but there are a ton of good ones.

Find an easy workout that’s going to benefit your game

Lots of people have started working out at home, which is never a bad thing. And there’s plenty of workouts that can specifically help your golf game (like this one to hit the ball farther). Now’s the time to put them to use.

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