WATCH: This oddly satisfying dew sweeping video will leave you mesmerized

Watch and learn...

In golf, there are night owls, there are morning people, and then, in their own class, there are dew sweepers. These enigmatic few chase the sun into the sky every morning — beginning their round long before most of us have even dreamt of our tee time and finishing while the rest of us sip our morning coffee.

In theory, it’s a great way to play golf. If you play fast enough, you’re home in time for brunch having already completed a full day’s work. It’s never too warm, or the conditions too firm, or the course overworn. It’s golf in its purest form — alone in the quiet of the morning.

But perhaps the reason why the dew sweepers are so willing to wake up before the crack of dawn has nothing to do with golf and everything to do with the course maintenance tool by the same name.

On Sunday, GOLF’s social media team unearthed a video of a maintenance crew sweeping dew off the surface of a green at dawn. It’s an activity only course maintenance folks and human dew sweepers are lucky enough ever to have seen and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Check it out for yourself.

Typically, golf courses will use a long pole, a drag mat or a giant, windshield-wiper like accessory called a “big dew” to remove dawn from greens. But these guys seem to have it all figured out in the most oddly satisfying way imaginable.

I’d hardly consider myself a morning person, but if it means I get access to more views like this one, you can sign me up for the earliest tee time available. All I’m asking for in return are a few breakfast balls and a strong cup of coffee during my first few hours on the course.


James Colgan Editor

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