What a typical week looks like for the Bob Does Sports crew

If you’ve ever thought being a golf influencer was all fun and games, think again.

In the latest episode of GOLF’s Subpar, filmed from the Tito’s Shorties Classic on Oct. 26 in Austin, Texas, co-host Drew Stoltz sat down with the gang from Bob Does Sports to find out what a typical shoot week is like for the trio.

“We try and do one trip a month — try to, but something always ends up popping up and then we get as many videos as we possibly can that full week that we do,” the eponym of the group, Robby Berger, told Stoltz. Recently, one of those trips brought the gang to St. Andrews in Scotland.

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Berger said when those extra assignments pop up, things tend to get a little hectic. Nick Stubbe, also known as Fat Perez, added those trips can end up being six days of golf in a row.

But even when that happens, Berger said the crew can’t really complain because playing golf for a living feels like a lucky gig to have. He added everything you see on camera is authentic.

“What you see on camera is the same thing off, to where we all look out for each other,” he said. “And it’s a really tight, close-knit crew to where, for the most part, we don’t really get sick of each other.”

Of course, that could all be changing soon. Stubbe said the current model for when they do shoots is based on the fact that he lives on the East Coast while Berger and Joseph Demare, aka Joey Cold Cuts, currently live on the West Coast.

But the hope is the trio can get together far more frequently when they all live near each other in Florida. Specifically, in the PGA Tour hotbed of Jupiter, Florida.

“It just makes sense,” Stubbe said.

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Jack Hirsh

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