3 golf course ready hairstyles for ladies with a short doo

For my first round after my haircut, I left it down and topped with a bucket hat!

Emily Haas

A few weeks back I got 12 inches cut off my hair. It hasn’t been this short since I was five years old. Before my chop, I never really thought about my hairstyles for golf — it was usually just a bun on the top of my head with a visor or a braided ponytail out the back of my cap. Now that I can’t get my hair into a ponytail anymore, I’ve had to get creative with new looks for the course. Here are three that have worked great for me in the last few weeks.

1. The half-up-half-down french braids

This is a great look for on or off the course to keep your hair out of your face. The half that’s down can easily tuck behind your ears when you’re lining up a putt. You can still put on your favorite hat over the braids if you want, or go hat free and throw on some shades instead!

2. Let loose with a bucket

I’ve never really been a bucket hat wearer, but when I got my hair cut, I gave the look another try. Before, I would never step on the course without a hair tie, but the bucket hat did a surprisingly good job of keeping my hair in place each swing.

3. The party pony

I can’t get my hair back into a ponytail anymore, but I can wear a short little half pony at the top of my head, aptly deemed the “party pony.” This style allows me to still wear my visors on the course and gives me a place to tuck my tees and pencil.

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Emily Haas