The keys to grilling perfect sliders this summer, according to a chef

Beef sliders

You, too, can make restaurant-worthy beef sliders at home.

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The month of June is upon us, and as the seasons (and the weather) begin to slide into summer, it’s only fitting that we should focus on sliders — ones made of ground beef and seared on the grill, in particular.

For guidance, we sought the advice of Ed Doyle, the president of RealFood Hospitality, Strategy & Design, who incidentally also conceptualizes all of the food at Golfzon Social in West Nyack, New York. According to Doyle, because sliders are essentially miniature burgers, a lot of the same steps and tricks that you would use to cook an amazing burger still apply. For that reason, our recent burger column is an excellent place to start.

To make an ideal slider patty, Doyle urges any home cook to use a beef blend with sufficient fat content — he likes an 80/20 mixture. “Like everything relative to cooking, start with great ingredients,” he says. “Fresh ground beef that you hand patty will always be better than pre-formed, frozen slider patties.”

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When he’s ready to grill, Doyle cooks sliders over a medium-high heat, but not before he thoroughly seasons them. “Lots of Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper is critical,” he says.

He also urges every home cook to use a digital meat thermometer, no matter the grill master’s experience or skill level. “Every time I throw a steak or a burger on my grill, I use a probe,” He explains. “Why? Because I like it perfect every time!”

Finally, just as you would with a full-size burger, Doyle stresses the importance of letting the meat rest after it’s come off the grill. Fortunately, sliders don’t require too much time in that regard. “A minute or two of rest,” he says, “will allow all the natural juice to redistribute within the patty before you take your first bite.”

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