This course’s hot dog is a Fourth of July classic, done Carolina-style

A $10-dollar hot dog for eight bucks? The numbers don’t add up, but under Chris Wehking’s care, the layered flavors make perfect sense.

Wehking is the chef at the 3’s, a 12-hole short course in Greenville, S.C., where the menu brims with fresh takes on regional classics.

Among the favorites is a beautifully dressed-up hot dog, served Carolina-style. 

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By: Jessica Marksbury

If you’re familiar with the genre, you know about the toppings (more on those in a minute). But what about the steps?

Wehking starts by splitting the dog length-wise, which creates more surface area for caramelization on the griddle, and he says, “helps contain everything when it sits in the bun.”

The bun itself is buttered and griddled. In goes the crisp-edged, juicy dog, followed by an avalanche of condiments: beef chili, diced onions, yellow mustard and house-made slaw. 

The piled-high finished product is a tantalizing mix of tastes and textures, priced at … here’s the cheeky part. It’s listed on the menu as the $10 hot dog.

“But then,” Wehking says, “we give everyone a break and only charge them eight bucks.”

To learn more about the 3’s, click here.

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