Obama, Bush join same Florida golf club

January 20, 2018

Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush are now members of the same Florida golf club, according to its owner.

Jim Crane, who owns Floridian National Golf Club — as well as the Houston Astros — told Houston’s Fox 26 about the high-profile additions.

“Mr. Obama had been to our place a few times before and had a little down time, he was doing some work in Florida, and spent a few days there playing golf,” Crane said.

“And I got to play with him and Tiger one time. It was a lot of fun, he’s a fun guy to play with,” he said, adding the fact that Woods is playing well and “pain-free.”

But Crane made it clear that his club doesn’t favor one side of the aisle.

“He’s a new member and so is George W., so I’m very neutral on the politics,” he said.

Crane purchased Floridian National in 2010 from Wayne Huizenga, a high-profile Florida businessman and former owner of the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, and Florida Panthers. Crane oversaw a renovation of the club and course, which was redesigned by Tom Fazio.

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