We challenged these NFL stars to bring the gridiron to the golf course

Marshall Faulk, Reggie Bush and Robbie Gould definitely know a thing or two about moving a ball across a football field.

Faulk is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, racking up near 20,000 yards from scrimmage for his career. Bush may or may not have won the Heisman Trophy in 2005, but he was one of the best running backs ever in college football and amassed over 10,000 all-purpose yards across 11 NFL seasons. Robbie Gould is an elite-level kicker.

But how are they at moving a golf ball across the same gridiron with golf clubs?

In the video above, GOLF’s Claire Rogers and Daren Riehl put the NFL stars through their paces, first asking the trio to hit a target from 120 yards out, aka the length of a football field, including end zones.

All three players had their distance control dialed in, never missing the 120-yard mark by more than four yards, but Faulk took the first challenge, hitting a majestic, rising dart, right at the flag, exactly 120 yards.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport checks his phone during the Indianapolis Colts Training Camp practice at Anderson University in Anderson, IN.
The three teams NFL Insider Ian Rapoport is watching this fall
By: Jack Hirsh

The next challenge should have played right into Gould’s skill set.

Using the backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline against Liberty National‘s driving range, the NFL stars were asked to hit a drive through the uprights of two skyscrapers. Longest one through the uprights would win.

Gould pushed his first try wide right, and his second was only 265 yards but through the uprights, not enough to compete with the running backs.

Faulk hit two lasers through the uprights, the last one measuring 293 yards, which looked to be good enough before Bush clobbered a majestic high draw that steered back through the uprights and finished 304.6 yards away.

Bush still wasn’t satisfied.

“I actually didn’t hit that well,” he said, saying earlier he could put one out there 315 yards. “That was actually a mishit.”

“That’s a pretty good mishit,” Rogers replied.

Be sure to watch the full video above.

Jack Hirsh

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