GOLF Spring/Summer 2021 Style Guide: The best looks for your game

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Today’s golf clothes make it easy to swing with confidence and comfort on the course and, depending on your style, help you feel like your best self.

With that in mind, for our Spring/Summer 2021 Style Guide, we’ve identified nine different golf styles we know to exist: athletic and sporty, simple and refined, elevated casual and more.

We’ve categorized our style suggestions for each type of golfer, and every week we’ll highlight more of our favorite styles by product category (shirts, pants, bags, etc.) too. If you’re more traditional, casual or fall somewhere in between, you’ll discover an item — or maybe a whole outfit — that’s on-brand for you.

Check out our picks below or browse more items on Fairway Jockey.

The Club Champ

Christian Hafer

You’re a serious golfer who prefers clean colors, classic lines, shoes with cleats and clothes that continue to look fresh round after round. Your best bet: surrounding soft hues with crispy whites. Start with this timeless, championship-ready look.

Elevated Casual

Christian Hafer

If the thought of tucking in your polo or wearing traditional spikes turns your stomach, keep cool and play on. This outfit defies convention without upsetting any of the blue bloods in your foursome. Pairing solid basics with a single stylish statement piece (like this Devereux Oasis button-down) smartly gets the job done.

The Style Maven

Christian Hafer

You know what they say — look good, feel good, play good. This outfit is perfect for the fashionable fairwayist because it makes a statement without being too flashy or over the top. The devil is in the details — cap toe kicks, a matching belt, topped off with a cool visor from up-and-coming brand, Eastside Golf.

The Walker

Christian Hafer

When comfort is your main style key, build your outfit around an appropriate pair of shoes that’ll help you feel your best all day — whether you’re walking nine or 36. For the rest of your look, stick to earthy colors and, for a dash of style, a strategic pop of brightness.

Athletic and Sporty

Christian Hafer

Style news flash for the ladies: You’re allowed to borrow items from the non-golf side of your closet when piecing together your on-course look. If you feel most confident while wearing athleisure, pair a few of those everyday items with an athletic, golf-specific shoe and — presto! — you have an eye-catching golf outfit you’ll feel great in for hours.

Simple and Refined

Christian Hafer

You won’t find a color that’s classier than navy, so if you’re generally into clean and elevated looks, consider building your golf outfit around this shade of blue and grounding it with whites. Example: This assembly of Foray Golf Society Collection pieces. The result is a streamlined look that’ll help you feel elegant and athletic.

Athletic and Chic

Christian Hafer

Why, yes, there’s a way to feel like an athlete while looking stylish. A few tips to pulling this off: 1) choose one statement athletic piece, like this G/FORE vest; 2) pair similarly colored basics around your statement piece; 3) ground 1 and 2 with a pair of white shoes; 4) round out your outfit with eye-catching tech.

Driving-Range Grinder

Christian Hafer

No collar, no buttons — no problem! On days you just want to hit the range or play a few holes after a long practice session, opt for a tee-and- drawstring combo that’ll help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout. Check with applicable dress code policies beforehand, of course, but this kind of look is more than acceptable at most practice facilities.

Preppy and Traditional

Christian Hafer

Just because you gravitate toward classic, more sensible looks off the course doesn’t mean you have to wear boring pieces on it. So, Mr. Prep, continue to wear your solid, muted colors — we wouldn’t dare take you out of your swim lane. We do suggest taking a chance or two. This outfit proves you can have fun while remaining true to your traditional self.

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