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Alignment ball training aid

If you're sick of alignment sticks that move around after every swing, the alignment ball training aid is for you.


This training aid is one of the coolest gadgets we discovered over the last year. It’s equal parts helpful and simple — exactly what you want in a device meant to fix your golf swing. And now, it’s also on sale.

The ball is about the size of a softball, so it easily fits in your bag or locker. It splits in half revealing a thin cord and spikes that fold down to keep the ball from rolling around. Take the device to the driving range or the putting green and simply stick each half into the ground to create your line.

There are a few nifty ways (as seen in the above photo) you can add tees to the setup to give yourself two lines rather than one. It basically acts like an alignment rod thats way more compact and won’t move around when you hit your shot.

Alignment Ball

Close to 20 feet of retractable cable! The Alignment Ball will help you work on start line easily and quickly on the putting green. Built in spokes make setup easy and efficient.   Whether your putt is straight-in or breaking, the retractable Alignment Ball will help you sink them all!   Carrying case included.    Available in three colors:  Black and Green Black and Orange Black and Blue
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Emily Haas Contributor