Use this exercise to increase your range of motion and hit the ball farther

kolby tullier demonstrates the exercise

Increasing range of motion is key to controlling your swing.

Christian Hafer

While greater brawn can produce more swing speed and distance, without the flexibility and the dynamic control to manage that power, you’ll be taking lots of long, crooked walks into the trees. That’s why any fitness program I design — for Tour superstars and regular folk alike — always has a flexibility component to match the strength component. Wonder Twin powers, activate! Now go and save the world, or at least improve your scores.

T Spine Rotation

From a hands-and-knees position on the floor, place one hand behind your neck and rotate upward until your elbow points to the ceiling, following the movement with your eyes (A). Now rotate downward until that elbow touches the hand on the floor (B). More power results from more turn thanks to added flexibility in the thoracic spine.

man demonstrates drill
Use this drill to work on hip mobility and core strength. Christian Hafer


From the push-up position, bring one foot forward, to just outside the hand on the same side of the body (A). Sink down into that posture, then return to the starting pose and switch legs (B). This exercise kills two birds with one stone, improving hip mobility and flexibility while keeping the core activated for added strength.


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