How to use an exercise band to improve your swing

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All you need for this drill is an exercise band and a club.

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When you load certain muscle groups in your backswing, then correctly unload that built-up energy as you swing through the ball, the game gets easy. However, it’s complicated kinematic stuff. Luckily, you can feel it — and learn it — with a simple training aid. Secure one end of an elastic band under your trail foot and the other under your grip. Swing the club back, keeping the band taut the whole way. Better yet, stretch it.

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Without any thinking on your part, you’ll naturally swing your arms while shifting your weight and restricting your hips so the band doesn’t go slack. Now you’re loading! As you can imagine, you’ll be able to go back only so far; at that point, swing the club forward. Again, maintain the tautness in the band.

Keep swinging back and forth, all the while maintaining that elastic tension. Keep at it and your speed will skyrocket. Check out the steps below.

1. Shift

Use the ground to create max force under your trail foot on your backswing and max force under your front foot as you swing forward. Without this shift, the band — and your power — will weaken.

2. Rotate

As you shift to your forward foot, start turning your hips. Once the shift is set, you can’t spin your hips fast enough. If you’re too slow, the band will go slack — and your drives will go pfft.

3. Open

Let your shoulders turn once your hips start firing, and kind of leave your hands and wrists alone. Focusing on the big muscles instead of the little ones results in a squarer clubface. As long as you maintain tension in the band, you’re doing all the right things.

Park teaches at Orange County National Golf Center in Winter Garden, Fla.

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