Focus on these 3 checkpoints to become a better ball striker

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Want to become a better ball striker? You must focus on these three checkpoints, says GOLF Top 100 Teacher Sean Hogan.

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You need leverage to hit with power. A lot of recreational players lack it because their grip is too weak and/or they fail to set their wrists properly in the backswing. 

Enter the Swingyde ($40; This training aid has been around since the dawn of, well, training aids, has a home in a lot of Tour players’ bags. 

sean hogan demonstrates training aid
Use the Swingyde to create the desired 90-degree angle between your lead arm and the shaft. Stephen Denton

Clip it on to any club and get the tail end of the aid to touch your lead forearm at about the halfway point in your backswing. This will give you the desired 90- degree angle between your lead arm and the club shaft and the leverage needed for more club speed and crisper contact throughout the bag. 

The best part: You don’t even need to go to the range to practice it. 

Sean Hogan is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the global director of instruction for the David Leadbetter Academies.

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