The practice matrix: Here’s how to find the perfect training aid for your game

Find the perfect training aid for your game with our practice matrix.


Maybe you’re working on your setup. Or perhaps you’re looking to pick up a few extra mph of clubhead speed. There’s a training aid for everything and everyone. The question is, how do you choose the right one? The answer: Take a spin around the grid. And remember, the best training aid out there is the one you’ll actually use.

Simple & low cost

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use these aids, and they won’t break the bank.

Tour Sticks

It doesn’t get any easier for improving your alignment. Seriously.

Callaway Swing Easy

Slip this unique band on and swing away to develop a connected arm/core motion.

TruSwing Pro

Set your wrists properly and prevent casting the club through impact. And it fits in your golf bag.


Making it easier to do what more golfers ought to do — keep a steady and level head during the swing.

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Trainer

Dial in the perfect putting ball speed to make more putts. Only perfect putts count as “made.”

RainDrop Putting String

No more homemade string and tee setups — the RainDrop makes it easy to work on stance, eye and ball position on the practice green.


Developing a better swing rhythm and tempo can be difficult — but it’s not with The PRO. Simply adjust for your size and start swinging.

Speed Trap 2.0

You’ll get instant feedback if your swing path is cockeyed or if you’re bottoming out before contact with the ball.

Complex & low cost

These products require a little higher golf IQ, but they still won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Total Golf Trainer V2

Helps you develop the proper lag and clubface position at impact. It can be adjusted to fix other swing flaws as well.


Makes it easy to work on developing a flat lead wrist and to see exactly where the clubface is positioned at any point in the golf swing.

Short Game Indoor Performance Pack

Comes with everything you need to improve your putting including a laser, putting gate, mirror and more.


Peel and stick the boxes when and where you need to improve your rotation and perfect your swing path.

Simple & high cost

These aids are easy to use, but you’ll nee to pony up a little more cash to get them.

Orange Whip

A classic trainer for loosening the swing muscles and developing a smooth, rhythmic tempo

The Lag Shot

A hittable 7-iron with a whippy shaft to help improve lag and build a simpler, more consistent golf swing.

SQRDUP Alignment Kit

Uses lasers to help you develop precise alignment with any club from driver to putter. A useful tool for practicing alignment in bunkers as well.


A progressively weighted system for increasing swing speed now available as a single adjustable tool. Very popular on driving ranges, at PGA Tour events and with long-drive competitors across the country.

Pure2Improve Practice Net

Like a car-window shade or a small tent, this practice net pops up and is ready to go in seconds. No tedious assembly required, and it’s also just as easy to fold up and put away.

Complex & high cost

Make sure you know what you’re doing if you purchase these aids. They won’t be cheap.

The Inertia Wave

These tubes help you strengthen your core and develop stronger muscles to hit more bombs.

The Plane Mate

Want to develop a Tour-like swing and finally feel what it’s like to shallow the swing? This is the tool you need to do just that.

The Perfect Putting Mat

Roll it out at home and start putting with alignment lines and two cups; one standard sized and one smaller for more focused practice.

The Stack

Designed solely to help you increase swing speed by biohacking your ability to swing faster. It comes with an app and can be used in conjunction with swing-speed radars.

LiveView Pro

Need a second set of eyes? This films your swing and works like a digital mirror for instant video-based feedback while you practice.

Rapsodo Launch Monitor

Allows you to convert an iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged launch monitor, replete with instant video replay and active shot tracker.

Optishot Golf-in-a-Box

Comes with a net, mat and training simulator system with 15 courses to choose from, and it can be used by four players at once.


Both a launch monitor and an indoor golf simulator that, crazy enough, fits easily in your golf bag.

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