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Don’t laugh: This funky putter grip might work for you

October 16, 2018

A few years ago, one of my Tour students, Ryan Armour, was struggling on the greens. So we went with something new: the Fang putting grip. It’s a funky variation of the better-known Claw hold, and it’s worked out great. (Armour broke through with his first PGA Tour victory in 2017 at the Sanderson Farms Championship using this grip.)

Ryan’s problem was too much wrist action. The Fang takes care of that in seconds. If you feel a little “wristy” or “handsy” with your stroke, give the Fang a try. You’ll start putts on line—and keep them there.


Lay the grip against the life line of your right hand and down your middle finger with your right wrist neutral (no hinge or bend). Positioning the handle like this helps reduce tension and the tendency to twist the putterhead through impact. 


Close your right hand, securing your “fangs” (your fore and middle fingers) against the grip. Set your thumb on top and wrap your other fingers around the back. You’ll feel much more connected to the putter and find it much easier to square the face.