These putting games will teach you how to putt under pressure

February 10, 2018

Rolling putt after putt by yourself on the practice green may seem like useful fun, but it won’t do much to help your putting game when you’re playing under actual pressure. Instead, grab a friend and turn your putting practice into a competition. Your scores will thank you.


The key to becoming a better putter in competition or under any kind of pressure is to create practice games and situations that most closely simulate the kind of stress you’re likely to face on the course. One such game is called “Sinks.”

Grab a pal or a frequent playing partner and play nine par-2 holes on the practice green, varying the length and direction (i.e., the break) of each first putt. Score 1 point for each birdie, 0 points for par, and -1 points for a three-putt bogey. Add an element of pressure to each game by having the loser buy lunch or post-round drinks.

After a few competitions, you should start to see a big improvement in your lag and short putting and fewer three-putt greens. You’ll also find yourself concentrating harder over each putt, which will also lead to more birdies and big par saves.