Use this takeaway drill to develop more consistent ball striking

A proper takeaway is key to a solid strike.

Stephen Denton

Falling off plane in the beginning moments of your swing is tough to overcome. The most common mistake here is rolling your hands away from the target as you start back, getting the clubhead way inside your hands and the handle way out in front of the clubface.

Try this: Make an arrow out of some cardboard and attach it to the shaft of one of your irons like I have in the photo above. Place it so that the arrow points in the same direction as the clubface.

The goal is to start back and get the arrow to point toward your target line. That means you’re on plane, the face is square to the path and your swing is off to a stellar start! 

Jason Baile is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at Jupiter Hills Club in Tequesta, Fla.

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