How changing 1 small thing in your wedge setup can produce serious spin

will zalatoris carries a titleist vokey wedge in his hand

Finding the proper grind and bounce for your wedges is key to producing more spin.

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Finding the right grind and bounce angle makes it much easier to hit those lower-flying, higher-spinning wedge shots you see on the pro Tours. I’ve done blind spec tests with clients over the years, and it’s been fascinating to see, at times, a lifelong low-bounce player suddenly start throwing darts with a high-bounce wedge. It speaks to the importance of wedge fitting. 

My advice?Find the nearest Titleist Vokey fitting center near you ( and spend an hour or two hitting different wedges from different lies. As it does in all fittings, one set of grinds and bounces will outperform the rest. 

To really fine-tune your ability to wedge it higher or lower, get your new fitted Vokeys stamped with your “Flight Lines.” These small hosel markings help you set up correctly for three common wedge shots. 

Just point, for example, the “bump-and-run” line at your nose at setup and — voilà! — you get your bump-and-run.

Parker McLachlin, aka the Short Game Chef, is a GOLF Teacher to Watch who has helped numerous PGA and LPGA players fine tune their short games and offers his pro-level tips for players of all abilities.

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