Swing coach George Gankas calls out instructors on Instagram: ‘Swing it the way you preach it’

October 29, 2018

George Gankas, who was the subject of an Alan Shipnuck profile in Golf Magazine‘s November issue, is using his gigantic social media following to lay down a new challenge — and golf instructors everywhere are joining in.

Gankas teaches a swing technique which, as you can read here, asks players to stand more upright at address and flying their right elbow at the top of the backswing before shallowing the club and rotating hard through the ball into impact. It’s quite unique, but the results speak for themselves: Gankas has a growing stable of good players whose swing speeds he’s helped increase.

And it’s his philosophy that’s the focal point of his new social media challenge.

After sharing a video of his swing on his Instagram account, Gankas said his challenge is for students who want a coach who can “swing it the way they teach it.” It’s pretty simple: Show off your swing, then call out three other coaches for them to do the same.

Coaches everywhere, including a number of GOLF’s Top 100, have been jumping into the light-hearted challenge, and its fun for golf fans to watch all these instructors’ beautiful golf swings:

George Gankas


David Woods

Boyd Summerhays

Tony Finau’s coach…

Cameron McCormick

Jordan Spieth’s coach, hitting a pretty impressive flop shot

Martin Chuck

Dana Dahlquist

James Ridyard

Bonus points for making it Star Wars-themed

Drew Steckel

Andrew Rice

Joseph Mayo

AKA @TrackmanMaestro


Mark Blackburn

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@drewsteckel here you go buddy! @georgegankasgolf #coacheschallengedontbescarred swing challenge #doasisaynotasido would like to see these guys post their action too. In no particular order; @speakmangolf @golfpromax @vjtrolio @timyelvertonshortgame @jontattersall11 @mytpidave @lgp_inc @claudeharmon3 @zportemont @jonesiegolf @shaunwebbgolf @thompsongolfacademy @chrishardergolf @jtillerygolf @fortifiedgolf @bernienajargolf @joshgregory @ryanchaneygolf @scotthamiltongolf @robnoelgolf @foleyperformanceacademy @thedewsweeper @terryrowles @liammucklow @clundberg @killengolf @wilsmatt @chrismaysongolf @derekuyedagolf @ericeshleman @jameshonggolf @brandonrobygolf @golfgurutv @piers_ward @andyproudman @nickbradleygolf @peter.cowen @mikewalkergolf @ontargetperformance #doasisaynotasido

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John Bierkan

Steve Dinino