This app will help you gain distance without losing any accuracy

Matthew Fitzpatrick credits mobile app The Stack for helping him gain distance off the tee without sacrificing any accuracy.

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I’ve been working with U.S. Open champ Matt Fitzpatrick for the last two years in an effort to add speed to his swing, and the results are starting to become apparent. Matt has added 10 yards of distance off the tee since we began working together, and his accuracy has remained just about the same.

Matthew Fitzpatrick hits drive at U.S. Open
How Matthew Fitzpatrick transformed himself into one of the game’s long bombers
By: Ryan Barath

Matt credits The Stack for these gains, and the app could help your game, too. The app guides golfers through baseline speed tests and the data triggers an algorithm to give you options for the type of training that will suit your game.

After completing a program, the app looks at your results to optimize next steps. By October, The Stack will have more than 10,000 users feeding data into its A.I. supercomputer, which will make it the most researched speed-training system in golf.

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie is a professor of sports biomechanics at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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