This slow-motion video of a punch shot is completely mesmerizing

January 8, 2019

There’s a handful of things that every golfer loves. A golfer picking up a tee as the ball’s reaching its apex. A golfer walking in a putt. The ProTracer for a fully-fledged Tiger stinger. I love all those, of course, but I’d like to add one more to the list: Slow motion of a punch shot coming into impact.

Check it out. Warning: You may not be able to take your eyes off it.

The video above is equal parts mesmerizing and informative: The universally-accepted way to hit the perfect punch shot is to…

  1. Choke down on the club.
  2. Move the ball back in your stance.
  3. Hit down on the ball.

Those three things will help flight the ball lower, but as you see in this video, the downward motion into the ground is so apparent. It’s more than the average golfer needs in this case, but nevertheless, it’s pretty interesting to look at.

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