Weekend Warmup: Sharpen your wedge game with this simple drill

February 1, 2020
Golfer hitting wedge shot.

A good warmup is the foundation for any solid round of golf. Making sure you have an idea of how your swing feels before you walk to the first tee is important so you don’t spend the first several holes searching for answers (and often times, your ball).

But for the habitually late people in your foursome, it can be tough to budget enough time for a proper warmup when arriving to the course. To alleviate this issue, PGA and LPGA Master Professional Alison Curdt has a simple routine you can follow. So next time you’re pressed for time when heading to the tee box, try this simple routine to get the most out of your warmup.

For the routine, you need one wedge that you’ll hit four different shots with: a chip, a pitch, a high-lofted pitch and a flop shot.

For the chip shot, there should be very little hinge in the wrist, with the ball coming out relatively low for a wedge. A pitch shot should be hit next, with a little bit of wrist hinge. A high-lofted pitch should be hit next. A more exaggerated wrist hinge happens on this shot to produce a higher, spinning shot. And finally, you should hit a flop shot with an open stance and an open clubface.

“As I’m sharpening my short game, I’ll take that one wedge and hit my four different shots,” Curdt said. “This is a great way to sharpen your short game.”

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