Use this swing tweak to stop chunking your wedges for good

eric johnson demonstrates drill

Are you chunking your pitch shots? Check out this tip from a GOLF Top 100 Teacher to fix the issue forever.

Stephen Denton

Chunking pitches? Like most rec players, you’re probably playing the ball back in your stance and forward-pressing your hands. Looks cool, but all this setup does is make it easy to dig the leading edge of your wedge into the turf, causing the clunk. 

You’re all but eliminating the bounce of your wedge — the angle that allows it to glide across the turf, even on tight lies. Here’s how to fix it.

How to stop chunking wedges 

Position the ball just forward of center. As you start back, allow your wrists to hinge, creating some angle between your left forearm and the shaft (above left). Whereas in your normal full swing you’d save this angle for impact, here you want to dump it as soon as possible. So, as you start down, rapidly unhinge your wrists (above right). You did it right if, at impact, the clubhead is passing your hands with the grip pointing at your belt buckle (left). Now you’re using bounce! With the addition of a little body turn, you’ll clip the ball cleanly without even taking a divot. 

Eric Johnson is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who teaches at Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Mont., and The Turn Club in Cranberry, Pa.

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