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Phil Mickelson reveals the secret to his foolproof ‘toe down’ chip shot

November 19, 2019

Phil Mickelson, short-game wizard and current king of golf social media, hasn’t given us many short-game tips in recent weeks. But he rectified that in a big way on Monday, when he revealed the secret to his “toe down” chip shot.

Mickelson says the shot is best suited for when your ball is just off the green, when the grain is growing toward you. It’s times like those when the club tends to dig, he says. But rather then trying to counteract the digging, he suggests using it to your advantage by standing a little closer so that the heel of the clubhead is off the ground, and the toe of the ground is still in the ground.

The leading edge will be on a slight diagonal, as he’s illustrating with the shaft below.

The setup is essentially just your putting stance, with the ball lined up off the toe.

Then, simply make your putting stroke and watch as the ball pops over the fringe, lands dead on the green and begin rolling out like a putt.

A foolproof shot that you can watch in full below: