Luke Donald: Do these 2 things to hit perfect pitch shots

March 23, 2020

Luke Donald, like the rest of us, is stuck at home. But it turns out that’s actually good news for those looking to improve their short game, because while he’s bored at home, he’s taking the opportunity to share some perfect pitch shot tips — the area of Donald’s game that propelled him to World No. 1.

There are two big things you need to do to iron-out your pitch shot technique, Donald says. Thankfully, you can practice them both at home. All you need to do first is take your golf setup with your back near a wall, and follow this recipe:

1. Clubhead outside hands on takeaway

As Donald says, the club should be further away from the wall on your takeaway for these pitch shots. If it’s not, it can lead to a handle that’s too far ahead of the ball, which will result in chunked pitches.

“Arms swing back with very little body rotation – make sure the head of the club is slightly outside your hands (too inside and you hit the wall) – keep loft on club – toe of the club more up towards the sky.”

2. Club left of your body on the way through

As you swing through, Donald wants you to swing around your body, exiting left and stopping when the clubshaft is parallel to both the ground and the wall behind you.

“Because you are hitting down on the ball, the path of the club exits slightly to the left on the way down. Body and club release together so club effectively finishes parallel to the wall. Having the correct path in pitching will really help you with your contact, using the bounce effectively, creating a better strike which = more spin and control”

Some great, simple advice from one of the best pitchers around.

Watch the full video below.