Top 100 Teacher: Try this foolproof technique for long-range bunker shots

September 12, 2019

Long bunker shots are some of the scariest in golf. A big reason why you struggle with them is because they require a special technique that you never practice! The key is to eliminate unnecessary movements that lead to inconsistency. Here’s how.

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1. Take a very wide stance, which will discourage any side-to-side shifting. Hover the clubhead above the sand, with the leading edge even with the equator of the ball. Lock your arms straight and increase your grip pressure.

2. That’ll take care of any excess wrist movement, which in turn will promote a shorter swing.

3. Keep your arms locked as you rotate around your core.

4. You’ll notice the club skim through the sand, leaving behind a relatively shallow divot.

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Your swing should feel short; your tempo should be aggressive, snappy and quick. If you need more distance, choose a longer club, but don’t change your swing. If you’re able to execute (and practice!) these moves, you’ll groove a consistent skid strike while eliminating fat and thin contact.

Long bunker shots just got easy!