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How to hit crisp wedges like Tommy Fleetwood

There’s a lot to like about Tommy Fleetwood. His charming personality. His flowing locks. Heck, even his nickname of Fairway Jesus gives him a bit of cult hero status in online golf circles. Not to mention his golf game is pretty good as well.

For the last two seasons on the PGA Tour, Fleetwood has been inside the top 12 in the all-important total strokes gained metric. This allowed the 29-year-old to rack up four top-15 finishes in majors and a scoring average among the best in the game. Simply put, you want to play like Fairway Jesus.

For help swinging like the man who looks as if he can walk on water, instructor Jorge Parada helped break it down.

Fleetwood’s entire swing is something you should want to replicate, but his swing with his wedges is particularly admirable.

“You will see the crisp contact, you will see the lower trajectory ball flight with tons of spins,” Parada says. “And that is something you can learn at home very easily just by watching his abbreviated finish.”

The key to these crisp wedges is his abbreviated finish on the follow through. Fleetwood will stop the golf club short after making contact, which gives him a lot of control. His right arm is very extended, and his right wrist is bent back, or cupped.

“That allows him to lower the ball flight down and control the trajectory,” Parada says.

A good drill to feel this motion is to set up in your normal wedge set up, make a normal swing and abbreviate the follow through, making sure to control the structure of your arm.

“If you follow through like Fleetwood, you will hit incredible wedge shots,” Parada says.

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