Master the pitch and run for closer putts and lower scores

A pitch and run can be an effective shot for golfers of all skill-levels. But most amateurs struggle with using pitch shots to their advantage (myself included), with many landing their shot on the green within a few feet of the pin, before watching the ball roll past the hole — leaving themselves with a long putt to finish.

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How to hit a perfect pitch: 4 keys from an LPGA pro for half-wedge shots
By: Zephyr Melton

While there are some options to consider — like changing clubs to use a different wedge — that can complicate matters more, as a higher-degree club can be difficult to hit.

So instead of worrying about what to do when you’re around the putting surface, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Bernie Najar is here to offer some tips, helping you figure out the perfect way to hit the pitch and run.

How to hit the perfect pitch and run

The first thing Najar says to do when hitting a pitch and run is setting up with the ball “slightly forward in your stance.” This allows your clubface to get more open, allowing you to hit beneath the ball — and creating the higher loft you want to softly land the shot on the green before rolling towards the pin.

Next, Najar describes how he wants the club toe to release through impact with the ball, saying, “this is where I’m fine with the ball riding up the face. That toe releasing through impact is going to give you some rollout.”

Lastly, now that you’re set up properly and have gone through a few practice swings to get the feel for the shot, Najar reminds players to clean the grooves on the club, then confidently strike your pitch and run.

“Make sure the grooves are cleaned up, nice forward ball position. It’s going to fly a little higher, but it’s going to release more upon landing. And that’s the pitch and run.”

Using the tips above from a Top 100 Teacher will allow you to master the pitch and run, find yourself closer to the hole, and watching some of those three-putts turn into two-putts (or less)!

Nick Dimengo Editor