How to put backspin on your wedges like the pros

linn grant hits a wedge shot during the 2023 dana open

There's nothing cooler than watching pros rip a wedge shot toward the pin with backspin. Here's how you can pull it off, too.

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Q: Hey, Chef! I want more of that “crispy” backspin so I can stay aggressive on wedge shots. What’s the best way to pull it back like the pros? —Martin S., via e-mail

As you’ve heard before, speed and spin go hand in hand. It’s the reason it’s easier to get the ball to stop (or even pull back) from 80 yards than it is from 10, since the swing speed is faster in the former.

The real key to generating more spin, however, is shifting as much pressure as possible to your front side during your downswing. This is why I offer up the Gary Player “walk-through” drill as a great way to exaggerate getting pressure moving toward the target.

Your reward: a lower, more controllable ball flight, more compression and a ton of extra spin.

Also, don’t forget that you need a good lie, clean grooves and a high-performance ball to really get it to “dance” on the greens.

Parker McLachlin — aka The Short Game Chef — is a PGA Tour winner-turned coach who is a GOLF Teacher to Watch.

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