These are the secrets to Jordan Spieth’s downswing

When Jordan Spieth is on, his approach game is among the world's best.

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It’s wonderful to see Jordan swinging his driver more freely again, with a better attack angle. If you go back to his banner 2015 season, Spieth’s downswing was wide and shallow and in sequence. It’s no secret that things started going sideways (literally) around 2018, when his driving accuracy dipped about 10 percent from when he was hot. His driver swing was noticeably steeper, and Jordan himself talked about how difficult it was to time his swing at impact. 

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick had him work on dropping the club into the slot and rotating powerfully into the ball. This has not only netted more fairways hit, but it’s also generating a lot more swing speed and resultant distance gains. One look at the image at left and you’ll see a golfer ready to unleash a powerful — and accurate — tee shot. 

Here are the keys to his downswing:

Cameron McCormick, Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth’s coach calls this simple error the ‘No. 1 swing killer’ for amateurs
By: Nick Piastowski


Jordan tilts his hands well away from his body with a noticeable stretch coming from his left lat muscle all the way to the grip. This creates a longer swing arc and more speed through the ball. Copy this!

Added speed

Witness the incredible torque in Jordan’s upper torso. He’s turned fully so that his back faces the target. Check out the ripples across his shirt: serious coil.


Spieth’s hips are already rotating back toward the target. This is the beginning of his downswing sequence, and it should be yours too. Pro tip: Work to increase the distance between your hands and left hip during transition and downswing for that extra bit of pop.

Joe Plecker is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at The Landings Club in Savannah, Ga.

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