Play this game on the range to give your practice more purpose

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If you struggle to stay engaged during your practice time on the range, try playing this game from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose.

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Improvement in golf requires you spend time practicing. Play all you want on the course, but at a certain point, you’ll have to get on the range to get better.

It’s not always fun going to the range. Most players would much rather spend their time out on the course, but getting reps on the range is crucial when you get serious about the game. It’s not always glamorous, but the range is where improvements are made.

If you’re not fully committed to your practice on the range, though, it won’t be a productive use of your time. To get the most out of your practice routine, you need to give your best effort.

One of the best ways to do that? Playing games while you practice. If you have scores and goals to beat during your grind sessions, it’ll be easier to stay mentally engaged.

Check out below for a range game from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose.

This game is simple and focuses on shaping the ball. All you need to do is pick a target and type of shot shape you want to practice.

“I’m going to hit a draw, so the ball should start to the right of my target and curve back without crossing my [target] line,” Rose says. “Then give each ball a score.”

If you hit a ball that starts right and comes back but doesn’t cross your target line, give yourself five points. If the ball doesn’t come back, give yourself zero points. And if your ball comes back too far and crosses your target line, subtract a point.

“Treat each shot like you’re on the golf course,” she says. “Then my final score is ultimately the score I want to beat.”

By turning your practice into a game, it’s easier to stay engaged and committed to each shot — much like when you’re on the course.

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