Get aggressive from a greenside bunker: Rafa Cabrera-Bello will tell you how

January 13, 2019

Golf’s best players make the game look effortless. How do they do it? That’s what we wanted to find out. Luckily, these guys were more than willing to talk. Rafa Cabrera-Bello took us into a bunker — and taught us how to get out.

Rafa Cabrera-Bello’s simple bunker tips:

When you’re short-sided in a greenside bunker, it’s easy to lose your nerve. Sure, your previous swing didn’t go as planned, but this one can.

Step one: Stay aggressive. If you get tentative and decelerate into impact, you’ll leave the ball in the bunker. Start by opening the face at address to unlock the bounce, so the clubhead can slide through the sand. Opening the face also adds loft, freeing you up to make a bigger swing.

That’s the ticket! If you stay on the gas during your downswing, the ball can’t help but pop out high and soft.

Rafa Cabrera Bello
Rafa Cabrera-Bello wants you to be more aggressive from greenside bunkers.