Buy this inventive putting mat if you want to improve your putting from home

March 19, 2020
WellPutt putting matt

There are lots of practice putting mats on the market these days, and it’s hard to go wrong with most of them. But we were pleasantly surprised with the thought put into the ones produced by WellPutt (wellputt.com). These inventive practice putting mats, which include 10 feet ($139), 13 feet ($169), and 26 feet ($460), feature varying designs and green speeds that allow you to set goals as you practice.

You can use the mat in both directions, for instance. On the 13-foot model, in one direction there’s a singular hole with a “bad zone” short of the hole and a “good zone” just past it to train you to improve both pace and direction. Putt in the opposite direction and the mat features one-foot zones so that you can dial in your distance control on longer lags.

It’s an intelligent, straight-forward design (easy to roll up and store when not in use) that helps you practice with a purpose.

13-foot WellPutt Pro Putting Mat

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