Use this new putting sensor to track your stroke on the greens

March 6, 2020
biomech putting sensor

The BioMech Golf Putting Sensor may just be what your stroke needs to make 2020 your best putting season ever. Simply attach the Lego-brick-sized device to the underside of your puttershaft and, after a quick synchronization, begin making strokes on the practice green (or in your den, office, etc.). Your stroke data pops up in real time on BioMech’s smartphone or tablet app (IOS only).

Does it work?

Yes. Like a charm. Fixing your stroke using the real-time capabilities of the app provides critical instant feedback even before you begin your stroke. It can track any performance variable (face angle, timing, stroke length, etc.) you can imagine. It even keeps a log of every stroke, so you can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses over time. Monthly subscriptions start at $15. The sensor runs $299.

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